About us

Hello there!

I am Gemma, the creative director behind the 'House of Ellery'.

The House of 'Ellery' is derived from the meaning joyful / happy. This is my house of Happiness! We are based on the beautiful Central Coast, NSW, Australia.

Each of the pieces featured here on our site are individually handmade with lots of love. They are intricately hand-knotted and many many hours are invested.

We use the following materials in most of our designs; 100% Australian Cotton, Luxe Cotton, Cotton String, Raw Linen, T-shirt yarn, Hemp and Jute.

Most of these material are mounted on treated driftwood or a reclaimed branch. We also use copper, black, nickel and gold pipes.

We also do custom orders, so if you are after something for your special day or event or a custom piece for your home then please contact us via the contact us page. 

Thank you for stopping by...

 From the team @ House of Ellery xxx